Saturday, October 18, 2014

Confused By Tenderness

Sometimes, I lay awake at night in my head Confused to the emotion that tend to invade me every-time I want to get some zzzzzzzzz. I sure you ladies can relate to this. Thanks for Reading! 

        Confused on what to do next, where will this road lead me since my travels its been filled with so many swift concepts. Some, I can readily handle and those that leave me shifting each foot over a steep ledge in search of a much needed steady view. If, I escape and run, where do I hide? I will get caught, no one can out run its grasp forever, it's overwhelming, I must and I will now accept the hard truth......

        I'am not CRAZY , perhaps just a little CONFUSED about the loose screws that trace me every time I make a move. There it goes again the tenderness of your touch, the warm sweet echos of warm brown sugar intoxicate me. Where is this all coming from, I'm so CONFUSED.

           Focus, girl focus I chant to myself, I still have a journey on a road I've never been down before and the scary thing is I don't know what awaits?
     Where, will I be ten years, hell even ten minutes from now, when will I be over these trying times? Should I just give up trying? Pain, you were never invited, yet your presence in my life is clear. Just when I want to let go and let it all fade away, the sweet smell of your essences over powers me, I seek you out tracing your sweet, sweet flavor I literally sucked in your aroma the truth be told your fragrance is embedded in me. I Feel High. I Feel Consumed. I Fell Confused. 

I know this two will fade away just like everything has in my life, so why should I care, embrace, acknowledge, prepare or open myself up to it? 

Suddenly the lights went out. I'm shook, turned on, CONFUSED and concerned because without a light how will I see?

          INSTANTLY The surface of her skin slowly pressed against me, the words she whispered in my ear caused me to giggle when you whispered she had me, so the CONFUSION should end here. I must've of let out a sigh that somehow shook my soul and allowed the weariness, hurt, shock, fear and confusment to disappear. She pulled my face to her and kissed me so deep, her eyes were filled with love and streaming tears. "No, more ruining baby, no more stunting baby, Our love is real is there's no CONFUSION in that. Our love is one that's tender so lets make it soft, sweet and loving everyday. Let's show others everyday that it's alright to be CONFUSED just never be CONFUSED by tenderness.

Let GO! Let LOVE! 


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Get Lifted Entertainment Presents The Burlesque Event, “Boundless Seduction” with Special Guest Sanina @SaninaTheWriter

Get Lifted Entertainment Presents The Burlesque Event, "Boundless Seduction" with Special Guest Sanina The Writer Onyx Seven & DJ Rebel One will host "Boundless Seduction", at Bliss Ultra Lounge in Jacksonville Fl, on Saturday, Nov. 8th, 2014 at 8:00 p.m with special guest, Sanina The Writer. United States -- -- Oct 14, 2014 -- Get Lifted Entertainment and Super Ink are proud to bring the burlesque event, "Boundless Seduction" to Bliss Ultra Lounge, located at 3225 Southside Blvd Ste 8 Jacksonville, FL 32216, on Saturday, November 8th, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. Boundless Seduction will be hosted by Onyx Seven & DJ Rebel One, featuring Sanina the Writer who will be reading selections from her first book, "Deviant Sexual Desires Vol. 1" and performances by Danay Michelle,Twan Dickens, Dekota Bostic, Mandie Dean, Kroun Beezy, Bilal, and Sir-Leo Wild. Tickets can be purchased through EVENTBRITE.COM. General admission is $10, and $25 with a copy of Sanina's book, "Deviant Sexual Desires Vol. 1". Magi Love, Owner & Manager of Get Lifted Entertainment says, "Jacksonville, Florida turns up the heat as Fall breezes begin welcoming winter. The Boundless Seduction Burlesque event is for mature audiences only."

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Monday, September 1, 2014

"Happiness Reduce Pimps, Stress and Sagging Skin"

Ladies, many will question what's the point of being "in love"?  DUH.  Better health and looks to boot. :)

We're frequently looking for some magic potion, pills  or remedy  in a nut shell  to help us feel better and happier. I know I can not speak for everyone when I say this but there's a slew of things that we can do boost our overall health and well-being. 

 However, to date I've noticed the keen effect in health and wellness when it comes down to being in love. Such as:

1) More energy- emotional love lifts the spirits and physical love produces a level-headed individual.

2) Looking and feeling younger which means more smiles, laughter and joy. All things positive leads to less STRESS!

3) More generosity = more happiness! The more love given to you-onsets happiness and ends in you giving more of yourself, filling you with happiness.

4)There's  Less STRESS- Being "in love"  It somehow allows us to accept another's influence and assistance, as they welcome ours, leading us to marriage or relationship SUCCESS.

 Just admitted it when your in love and happy the less you worry or stress in any given situation.  The less breakouts, Gray hair, sagging skin you will have, along with the proper nutrient, excerise and  bath and body care products like  When love isn't a factor you still have to focus and gear up to tackle the world when the love element card has played out. Continue to be that beautiful you!

Composed By @theofficialmsp

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sanina The Writer @saninathewriter, releases her novel, "Sapphic Love".

Sanina The Writer, releases her novel, "Sapphic Love". St. Louis author, Sanina, has officially released her lesbian themed novel, "Sapphic Love".

Sunday, July 27, 2014

COME Closer

                                        "Come Closer" 

Her eyes danced against my body not once missing a beat. 

"Come closer" she whispered extending her hand out to me.

I hesitated a bit knowing it's been awhile, the thought of her touch left me paralyzed. 

Her body moved across the floor towards me, I couldn't breathe.

"Come closer" she whispered to me, her words vibrating beneath my skin causing me to shutter and all my hidden desire to be revealed.

Now,face to face we kissed-breaking the trance that I was in, my sensors at there peak-from this point-there's no turning back, We're going in. 

Our kiss deepen-our bodies clash-she whispered don't stop, I smiled and promised not a chance. 

Pushing her on her back-I slipped my hands in her boxers-slowly slipping my finger into her soft-wet-place. I sighed, she moaned. She toss, we turned she increased the pleasure. She sucked-I cooed-our hips seized the pleasure-she grind-our grind. On, my knees I can stay forever-slow grind-she's deep-I squeeze-more pressure-doubles the pleasure. 

"Come Closer" she whispered as she explore my walls from the left-right-front and then from the back again each time we "CUM CLOSER/Come Closer TOGETHER!" 


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Our Very Own Phoenix Rising @a_risingphoenix releases "The Vagitarian Chronicles: Erotic Stories of Lesbian Love & Lust" (Virtual Edition-kindle)

Please join me in congratulating Phoenix Rising on her accomplishment! She has been such an inspiration and has a very very beautiful way with words. She has just released her first book,

 "The Vagitarian Chronicles: Erotic Stories of Lesbian Love & Lust" (Virtual Edition-kindle)

Need a Signed Copy? 
Email her here:

Sunday, July 13, 2014


               I Have To GIVE! 

I don't want no one who's going to bring me down because I can do this all by myself. Will you be with me when the sun comes up? or do you just want to sex me and then push me away?

 Love'em and leave'em you say that's not what you're about. If I trust you, you better not hurt me!

My LOVIN is all I have to give. I want to be the one that you come home to, picking you up when you're feeling down, standing by your side through the good and the bad times.

LOVIN you the right way-like no other woman could. It's all up to you if you're ready for real love-only the lonely understand the way I feel. My LOVIN is all I have to give! 
What are you willing to give for my LOVIN? Since you say you want to be the one?! 


Thursday, January 2, 2014

Tre Melvin Reveals that He Is Bisexual

Youtuber Tre Melvin announces that he is bisexual. We support you Tre! v

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Click Here to Watch Must See LGBTTV :50 Black LGBT People in History by ComingOut Black celebrating the lives of same gender loving, bisexual, transgender, intersex people of African descent. ComingOut Black

Click Here to Watch Must See LGBTTV :Wrong Choices The Movie "Married Man Confronted By Gay Lover" (Short Film) by UrbanImageFilms

Wrong Choices (The Movie) is a unique new urban drama with a profound message that explores the effects of HIV/AIDS in the Black Community through the stories of a unique group of individuals whose lives are forever intertwined by the wrong choices they have made. The movies purpose is to raise HIV/AIDS awareness and evoke conversations that ignite action especially within the African American community. Directed by DeAngelo Spotwood and starring Sharay Harmon, Justin Perkins, Devin Dawson, Gabrielle Anderson, Ryan M. James, Exzanty Moore, johna Lewis and Shawn McCoy. The story battles the decisions of a married man who lies and cheats with his Gay Lover and has unforseen issues that occur because of these wrong choices made for him and his wife and for many others. UrbanImageFilms

Click Here to Watch Must See LGBTTV :The Young and Evil (Gay Short Film) by Cypher Avenue

FILM REVIEW HERE: "The Young and Evil" is a 2008 short film directed by Julian Breece, in which a sexually promiscuous black gay teen actively pursues unprotected sex in order to catch the HIV virus. Cypher Avenue

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Click Here to Watch Must See LGBTTV :The Butch Mystique (4/4) by blaquesoul24 Please watch videos in 480p for better quality/video results. DISCLAIMER - I DON'T OWN ANY OF THE CONTENT POSTED blaquesoul24